Music and me


It all started when...

I was a toddler , I grew up listening to my grandfather rehearse and jamming out on his Sax and flute. I used to love listening to him play and tell me his stories of when he was on the road.  

Sadly by the time I was walking on my own as a musician, my grandfather passed away. Till this day I wish I could’ve have at least one jam session with him.

When I was fifteenth years old. I started to develop my curiosity for music, especially the guitar. I LOVE playing guitar. My mom found a business card of a guitar teacher. Unfortunately I forgot his name, but he taught me for about 8 months until he had to leave due to family matters.  

It took me a while to implement and comprehend the techniques and theories my teacher taught me. Ever since then I had to figure it out on my own.

Eventually I developed the passion for leads. I have been a lead guitarist since 2013 and love it today.


My proudest accomplishments...

In my life have been:

  • Headline at World Cafe Live (Downstairs) - Philly
  • Headline at Webster Hall (Studio) - New York

Since 2013, I have been all over the east coast, traveled to Toronto, Canada and tour in the south of USA. Packed out venues and gained so much experience within the music world.